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Last Rites [25 Jul 2001|10:41pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

*sob* sou, okei, min'na...I'm officially signing off Live Journal for Pitas. Thats right. I've been here since November of 2000, but now i'm leaving for a pita. *sigh* Okay folks, if you still want to read the insanity that is JunJun's mind, bookmark 'Squawk' says the blackbird. I've bookmarked some of your Journals on my blog, so dont fret, i'll still be reading and commenting. Im not going to get rid of this LJ account, so i can still post and read your entries. :3 I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! O_o;;; Good bye, Livejournal!!

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[25 Jul 2001|10:04pm]
Fun happy surveyness from Navi!

WALLET: sparkly black vynal Badtz Maru :3
HAIR-BRUSH: green Goody brush
TOOTHBRUSH: white blue swirly Colegate
JEWELLERY WORN DAILY: absolutely every day, silver necklace with jade pendant i got in dallas. days when i go out, green aluminum ball necklace, harry potter necklace, some metal ball necklace, coral necklace, two rave-type bead bracelets, red cloth, plaid cloth, a few plastic black bracelets, neon green plastic barbed wire bracelet, wallet chain bracelet Logan gave me, clear glass bead bracelet i got for Easter, watch up until recently when i lost it T_T
SOCKS: favorite, my Sailor V ones. current, none.
PILLOW COVER: i have four pillows :3
BLANKET: favorite, blue and white stripe knitted blanket my mom-mom made. :3
COFFEE CUP: either my Brak, Space Ghost, or blue ceramic one
SUNGLASSES: green with yellowish orange lenses
UNDERWEAR: undies rock! i have on my light blue poohbear ones. But i also have rainbow stripey ones, blue fire ones, powerpuf girls, and bright orange with monkeys. X3!! all my others are white ;_;
SHOES: black Vans, black boots, black strappy heels, green flippyflops, and neon leopard slippers!
NAIL POLISH: i own everything...i wear black O_o;;;;;
KEYCHAIN: Um, i own too many, so i'll just list whats on my housekey ring. Sailor Uranus, Lum, an Ouiji board, Aquaman, and a nailclipper
FAVOURITE TOP: my God Made Hunter tee shirt. or my new mouse guy tee shirt
FAVOURITE PANTS: my big huge comfy Kikk Wears
SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER: something coconut at the moment
SOAP: bodywash! Waterblossom Ivy *_*
PERFUME: Bottled Emotion's "crazy"
CD IN THE STEREO RIGHT NOW: my "Omake" CD, with bagpipes, violin, car commercials, etc
CAR: T_T I dont have a car
TELEVISION: I dont know O_o
TELEPHONE: black Siemens cordless phone things
CELLPHONE: i dunno

First attempt at posting: failed. Grr.
Second attempt: successful X3
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[25 Jul 2001|12:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]

ChibiAino: I dun know if I wanna eat any smart cheese. It might make me feel inferior
JunJun1485: lol
ChibiAino: Cheese: you may eat me, but I have a higher iq than you!
JunJun1485: LOL
JunJun1485: puur cheese-chan
ChibiAino: no! I'm better than you smart cheese! I get to eat you!
JunJun1485: brilliant...but utterly defenseless *tear in eye* so so sad T_T
ChibiAino: cheese: I shall die a martyr! There will be a smart cheese uprising and your dominion will fall!
ChibiAino: noooo!
JunJun1485: ROFL
ChibiAino: No cheese! I have you foiled! You shall not die a martyr, your death will be an ACCIDENT! You will ACCIDENTLY fall into a cheese grater repeatedly!
ChibiAino: cheese: oh THAT'S believable
JunJun1485: LOL
JunJun1485: now its a smartass cheese
ChibiAino: Your cheesy friends will believe what i tell them to! I control the cheese cloth (local cheese newspaper!
ChibiAino: we have talked enough. Now, TE COMO!
ChibiAino: cheese: ahhhhhh!
ChibiAino: *munch munch* smart cheese my ass
JunJun1485: X3
ChibiAino: *suddenly, the sound of marching cheese is heard*
ChibiAino: what the....
ChibiAino: cheese rebellion leader: You can not hide the truth from us human opressor! WE ARE THE CHEESE!
JunJun1485: LOL
JunJun1485: *hands you a hairdrier set to megasuperhot*
ChibiAino: *grabs hairdryer* EAT HOT AIR!
ChibiAino: cheese rebellion: ahhhhhh!
ChibiAino: I have melted the rebellion!
ChibiAino: *gloop gloop*
JunJun1485: Cheese: *melts* AHHHHHHHHHHHH
ChibiAino: what's this? NO! A wave of melted cheese!
ChibiAino: *runs*
JunJun1485: mmm...*brings out a bag of doritos*
JunJun1485: X3!!!!!!!!!!!
ChibiAino: JunJun squasher of cheese rebellion!
ChibiAino: *munch munch*
ChibiAino: THE END
JunJun1485: XD
ChibiAino: that was a good story
JunJun1485: hell yes

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[24 Jul 2001|05:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Mn, im bored. I cleaned up the house for dad's photo shoot this evening. Thats about it. *sigh* Um, i've nothing productive to say, so i guess im going to go up in my room and draw or paint or something.

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[23 Jul 2001|10:47pm]
[ mood | sad ]

La, good dayish. I talked with Corrigan on the phone for a collective 4 hours, baked a cake, played some Zelda, downloaded anime music videos, and went to work. Dad was in a crappy mood, so of course i got lectured. About Corrigan. Whats new? I just dont know how to argue anymore. I just sit and take whatever he says. I hate it when they're mad at me, when they disapprove of me. I can't help it if I'm completely falling for this guy. But they dont seem to care that im falling for Corrigan, all they see is that i want to go out with some 18 year old. I wish they would be happy with me. most 16 year old guys i know are immature idiots that i barely want to associate with. So of course i'm going to find an older guy. Its not my fault that a pretty awesome one happened to be out of high school. I wish they could understand me. Tch, what am i talking about, how could someone understand me? I'm too weird. *shakes head* thank the gods im home alone tomorrow. I dont really want to see people. *sigh* or i do, i just dont really think they want to see me, i think i might have a short temper or be depressed tomorrow or something. Dammit. ;_;

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La, good dayish. I talked with Corrigan on the phone for a collective 4 hours, baked a cake, played some Zelda, downloaded anime music videos, and went to work. Dad was in a crappy mood, so of course i got lectured. About Corrigan. Whats new? I just dont know how to argue anymore. I just sit and take whatever he says. I hate it when they're mad at me, when they disapprove of me. I can't help it if I'm completely falling for this guy. But they dont seem to care that im falling for Corrigan, all they see is that i want to go out with some 18 year old. I wish they would be happy with me. most 16 year old guys i know are immature idiots that i barely want to associate with. So of course i'm going to find an older guy. Its not my fault that a pretty awesome one happened to be out of high school. I wish they could understand me. Tch, what am i talking about, how could someone understand me? I'm too weird. *shakes head* thank the gods im home alone tomorrow. I dont really want to see people. *sigh* or i do, i just dont really think they want to see me, i think i might have a short temper or be depressed tomorrow or something. Dammit. ;_; <fontsize="-1">i want o talk to corrigan...</fontsize>
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you do not talk about the fight club. [23 Jul 2001|10:27am]
[ mood | happy ]

^_^ Good day yesterday!! Awesome day! Kendie, Corrigan, Nathan, David, Jenni and I all went downtown to the Holocaust museum. The museum was okay. But it focused more on the Jews than anything else, it even delved a bit into history to mention how Jews have been opressed from the beginning. They should have called it the "Jewish Opression Museum" intstead. I mean, there were other people, 5 million others. *shrug* oh well! ^_^; Eee, Corrigan. *dreamy sigh* Kendie's mom approves of him. :3 hehe. *happy happy happy*

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[22 Jul 2001|10:36am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Mu. We're not going to the warped tour. Ken and i decided last night. I felt so bad telling Corrigan this morning. ;_; i really wanted to go, if only to see him. Man, i really really want to see him. But we'll do something monday, as we both have the day off. *sigh* Ken and i decided not to go for a couple reasons: my parents would ground me for life, and i would never see humanity, corrigan especially, for a looonng time, Ken didn't really want to go, she wasnt sure if she'd have fun, and i didnt want to go alone. And also, im still kinda sick, i dont really want to get even worse by being insanely active all day out in the disgusting houston heat with countless other hot sweaty music fans. He didn't *buy* tickets, he won them...so i don't feel too bad. Tch, what the hell am i talking about, i feel awful about letting him down, i really wanted, still want, to go, but i know its in best interests for me not to. And now im just trying to justify how i feel, so its stupid, and im going to go take a shower now. I want to see him so bad. ;_;

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[20 Jul 2001|10:55pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

O.o okay...Marianna (family friend from OK) is coming into town tomorrow. I have prior engagements (a paatii), and am already planning a night over at Kendie's. So thats okay. I also gave my mom a vague impression that Ken and I had planned something downtown or at Katy Mills...something that would take up most of sunday. *coughWarpedTourcough* Marianna is taking Dustin (her son, Ben's age), Ben, Alicia (her daughter, my age, my OK best friend, we've drifted apart so much; she's a cheerleader) and her friend Ashley (whom i dont know, presumably another makeup-loving type like i met up there last summer) to Schlitterbahn Sunday. Thats like, 2 hours away. So im flat out refusing to go, on the basis that i a) hate water parks b) have prior plans and c) i didnt want to sit in a hot suburban for 4 hours traveling to and from a water park which i have absolutely no interest in going to. THIS means i get free reign of my sunday. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I might have a good weekend after all!!!!!! Ahhh he makes me smile so much, he makes me feel so good. :3 I'm completely floored for him. Retarded for him. AAHHh *giggle* im such a girl!! Eeeehhehee, and its SOO fuckin fun!!! *bounces off all giddy-like*

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[20 Jul 2001|10:19pm]
[ mood | good ]

Ee, im in a really great mood. I am sexy sexy Hairpin-chan!! All of you shall bow before me *maniacal cackle* O_o;;....

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[20 Jul 2001|02:01pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Wow, i feel like shit. Stupid nose. At least its not as bad as that day i came home from school shaking and dizzy with a 102 degree temperature. That day sucked. But with that cold i didnt have a stuffy nose. ....oh well. Work tonight. I hope im up for it. Uuu...dizzy. *shakes head* gaahh that makes it worse. @_@...

Corrigan and i were on the phone for like, 2 hours this morning before he had to go to work. I had just woken up (i slept in till 10:30! 's cause i woke up a lot through the night), and he called me. he was like "you sound asleep" i said "x.x i am". so we talked for about 20 minutes then i showered and called him back, we talked for another hour and a half. I dont talk on the phone. Ken, you know that. but two hours? :3 Mwee...

I'm having a long conversation with a guy about PS2 games. Dammit, dont i have to talk about games enough? I love games, but i dont want to have long drawn out conversations about them all the time. x_X;;;;

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[19 Jul 2001|02:21pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Okay, i have to get in a better mood. Its fucked up quiz time.

Rock Star match- Jonathan Davis (of KoRn)(eh, not bad. 2% of the quiztakers wound up with him. Im special!! X3)
If my life was a teen movie- Never Been Kissed. *buries head in arms, ashamed* why do the gods hate me? -_-;;;
My Inner Diva- Janet Jackson okay...
My Kick-butt babe- Jen Yu, from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (oh hell yeah)

okay so it got boring fast. -_-;;;;;

My nose still itches!!!! >_

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[19 Jul 2001|12:30pm]
[ mood | fucking awful *wan smile* ]

I know its so fucking stupid to care about. Im going to look back and go "why the hell did i cry over that". but right now it doesnt matter what i'll do later. Leave his stupid fucking age OUT OF THIS! why dont you even care to meet him!? He's a good person! He's NOT going to rape me, he's NOT going to hurt me. Why can't you trust me to choose good people. Its not my fault I get along wtih people older than me, not my fault i think most people in my area my age are stupid! Maybe i ought to just lower my intelligence and my maturity to be just like them. Then maybe you'd be more lenient on me. That makes sense. maybe i should be one of those teenagers who sneaks out of the house and has sex with random guys. Hm, do you want a slut for a daughter? I could be a lot fucking worse. You dont realize that im a pretty damn good daughter. Im not stupid, im not slutty, im not a bitch, im not gay, im not athiest, im not a bad person. Just meet him. have an honest opinion instead of a fucking stereotype. Thats all i ask. You dont have to like him, just give him a chance, despite his age. You dont realize that by not trusting my decisions that i think you're calling me stupid. I havent' done anything to NOT have your trust. Its not my fault you cant trust other people. Are you completely paranoid? Its not my fault you dont go out and make friends of your own. Just because you don't go out, i cant? (yes, you said that) Its summer!! I might understand if school were in session and i was hounded by work, band, and homework, but its summer! Let me have fun! FUN, not danger. Im not asking to skydive or go to nicaragua. I want to go out wtih people. Today i asked if i could go out and have lunch with a bunch of people. you said "no, i dont want you going out with an 18 year old". yes he was included in the bunch but for gods' sakes, its not like im going to go suck his face in the backseat of a car simply because we're together!! Gods this is so fucking hopeless. i might as well just tell him that i can't see him anymore. But i like him way too much. Way too damn much. Gods i like him so much. I need to stop crying. My throat and eyes hurt. He says i shouldn't cry because then he couldnt see my pretty eyes. ;_; i cant stop crying. Please please nobody lecture me. i dont want to be lectured. my parents have taken to doing that every night recently. I really need to stop crying.

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the soap makes my nose itch [19 Jul 2001|10:40am]
[ mood | itchy ]

AAAAHHH My nose!! *cry* my nose itches!! ;_;!! I put new soap out yesterday, and i took a shower this morning and i can't stand the smell of it...so i did t he stupid thing of course, and used it, so now I smell like the soap that i cant stand the smell of...and my nose itches!! Ahhhh *cry* my nose....it iches...and its like...in the back of my nose where i cant exactly scratch, even if i were inclined to pick my nose. o_O what a wonderful subject. O.o;;...nose picking. Whee!! x_X *wiggles nose* *cries* iit ITCHES!!!!

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[18 Jul 2001|09:33pm]
there are 27 people online on my buddylist. i wish someone would talk to me.
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[18 Jul 2001|09:17pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Dad did Ken's senior picture photo shoot today. Fun for all. I always get bored when dad does photo shoots, but i kind of felt guilty leaving so i sat there and read and played DDR and did little photographers-helper things.

Corrigan asked about something Kendall said last night...we were talking about self destruction and the like, and Ken kind of made a 'tsk' noise and said to Corrigan "why dont you ask her about all the bracelets on her left arm", we went on with the conversation, he didnt say anything to me about it. He asked me about it last night on AIM...i didn't want to tell him...i wanted one person that i was close to not to know, i wouldn't be so afraid. But he knows and now im scared again, i dont want him to think badly of me. *sigh*

I'm reading Terry Pratchett's "The Color of Magic". Its the first of the Discworld serieseseses...es. yeah. o.O its good so far. really funny. :3 Funny books rock.

;_; i'm cold. my hands are all clammy and yucky. x.x poo.

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[18 Jul 2001|03:09pm]
[ mood | rainy ]

:3 Mu mu mu, i'm at Kendie's! O.o; Its raining outside *point*. I think it should rain inside. ^.^

Laa...Ken and my dad are doing a senior photo shoot today, so we gotta be back home with her purdy clothes by 5. eek, we need to be careful if its raining. i dont know if they'd fare well wet. Corrigan gets off work at 5 too. :3 so while they're doing photo-ey stuff, i'll talk to him. ^o^ La la la...I feel like singing today. Singing and dancing. In the rain. :3 There are pans or something outside and i can hear them go 'pang' with the raindrops. i wish i could make a cool noise when i got hit with rain. Keke...that'd be neat. Mnn...im gonna go now and eat cookies or something. :3

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[17 Jul 2001|10:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]

La...uneventful day! Did hang out with people though, namely Ken, Corrigan, Kevin, and Jonathan. Went to some church thing Marianne and Jessica invited us to. Felt extreemly out of place with all that christianity around. Actually, just didnt like being penned and herded like so many obedient sheep. And there was a service. i was not about to stay for a service. La...Warped Tour sunday. Going, whether parents like the idea or not. Mmn...tired. x_X; -_-; LJ is not letting me access mine or my friends' pages. Poo on you, Live Journal! Poo! O.o;;...yeah. -_-;;;;;;;;;;; mnn im in a tired mood. dont feel like being happy. But i spent the day with Ken and Corrigan, so i cant help but be moderately content. Mind reeling. Double personality, or at least inner voices that seem to hate JunJun, taking effect. -_-; schizophrenia BAD! O_o;;;;;; la la *sometimes pines for normality...then slaps self in the face for doing so*


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[16 Jul 2001|02:50pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I know. I know i know. Cheebz helped me. I know now. Im so happy because ive found new companionship. Not just a new boy but a whole new group of people. I've felt so distant from my 'normal' group lately. the band group. I dont know exactly what the rift has been, but its been there. Maybe my new job, maybe the fact that they're seniors now, maybe the fact that they all knew eachother already before i came and i just kind of barged in. Maybe a combination. I kind of wish i knew. But im so much happier now that i've found more people. I still love my band friends to death. But now when they're doing stuff together that i'm not in on (stuff with the drama half of the group that i dont know well), i wont' feel bad anymore. Im dreading band now though, because Kendall was always kind of the filter between me and everybody else. Like, everybody else just kind of accepted my presence cause she was there and i was attached to her side. I just kind of joined in as a freshman when they were all sophomores. Ken just kind of took me in and everybody else had to accept it. I hate putting my friends in specific groups, but thats really what it is. i have the band group, the work group, the junior high friends group, and the freak group. Band, i was accepted by Kendall. Work, i was accepted because, well, i work there, and then i met Corrigan and them through Kathy. Junior High friends were from Junior high, the people who took pity on the weird new girl. The freak group im automatically embraced in though, because im quite a freak (Jason Garza, John, Wayne, Logan, Brandon, TJ...). And there's the anime group i suppose, the people on a talking basis that share the one common interest (i am the highest on this food chain, the biggest anime fan in the school, hands down). *sigh* ... i shouldn't be complaining. why in the name of kunzite am i complaining? I have friends, no matter why they accept me they're still my friends. Im just...worried i guess. I claim to not care, but i lie. I care. I want friends. I proclaim being a freak, but dammit i want to be a social freak. One day i wish i could be the girl everybody backs away from and talks about, the next i want to be loved. I hate that, and myself for it. Im such a loser. Its not like i redeem myself by being smart or anything, i just draw shit. Im not even in art. I want to be in art so bad, but i would miss band i think. How hypocritical is that? I say i dont think im truly accepted in band but i want to stay. And its for the family. i dont care about making noises on my trumpet, unless it has to do with ska. Its the togetherness of band that i love, that we do everything together. i love that. But i want art. i love art. i love drawing. i love painting. GAHHH Im just going to go gouge my kidneys out with a wooden spoon now. -_-;;;;;;;;;;

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[15 Jul 2001|08:49pm]
[ mood | good ]

Mwee, relatively good day. Ken came over at 1. She read and became remarkably irritable, as i watched TV and played DDR. I didn't know she was pissy when she was reading. but i do now. :P~~ nyaa. So yeah then Bubbles and Cole came over. Whee. We talked and then watched a bunch of the Home Star Runner cartoons. They're funny. Go watch some. :3 Then Ken, Bubbles, and Cole left, and i cleaned my room. x_X i just finished with that, and cleaning the bathroom. *sigh* o_< So yeah now im sitting here talking to Jon and Jonathan. Corrigan and i talked on the phone for a bit today too. :3 We're gonna try and go to the art museum downtown on tuesday! Yay! I'll get to spend all day with him. *happy* He told me i have a pretty smile and pretty eyes. He told me that i make him smile. I like him a lot. A whole darn lot. Every other entry now seems to have something about Corrigan in it. :P you people are probably sick of hearing about him, bahaha. but this is my journal so NYA! :P~~~~

I played DDR today for quite a while. I'm good on that controller. I kinda suck at the pad though. Its much easier on the arcade pad than the vynl home pad. The home pad slides around o_< But yeah i kick ass on that controller. I can do almost every level on 'another'. :3 I rock. Ive come to like Afronova a whole bunch. ^_^ And "Do it all night" is pretty rad too. X3 my brother has ceased to be in the room with me when i play DDR, as he really dislikes the songs that have anything to do with 'boys' or 'men' or 'sex'...especially 'so many men' and even moreso, 'oh nick please not so quick'. :3 bahaha. I 'm satan. or something. whatever. X3

La la la, im so in the mood for writing. no reason. i just want to type and type and type like the night would never end. But i also want 10 o'clock to hurry up and come so corrigan would get home and talk to me online :3 Okay im gonna go now. But no worries! I will probably post again shortly. X3

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[15 Jul 2001|09:20am]
Bahaha, i'm more of a survey clepto than Rick is! Hells, i steal all my surveys from him. :3!

If I were a stone, I would be... hematite
If I were a tree, I would be a... redwood X3
If I were a bird, I would be a... crane
If I were an insect, I would be a... bumble bee
If I were a machine, I would be a... giant mecha!! Like Deathscythe X3
If I were a tool, I would be a... dremil drill ^o^
If I were a fruit, I would be an... orange
If I were a flower, I would be a... cat-tail
If I were a kind of weather, I would be a... rainy day, the kind people dance in :3
If I were a mythical creature, I would be a... pheonix
If I were a musical instrument, I would be a... Trumpet! Go ska!
If I were a kind of profession, I would be a... manga artist
If I were an animal, I would be a... cat.
If I were anything in the world, I would be... a paintbrush. (i tried being a toaster. it sucked)
If I were a color, I would be... dark green
If I were a fragrance, I would be... water blossom ivy ^o^
If I were an emotion, I would be... everchanging
If I were a state or feeling, I would be... insanity! schizophrenia...crazy!
If I were a vegetable, I would be... water chestnut :3
If I were a sound, I would be... quick cracks of thunder, not the rumbly long kind
If I were an element, I would be... fire
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